Panoramas - John Patota

When Tobacco Was King



Tips for Getting Great Panoramas

Standard lens between 40 and 100 mm

Keep the focal distance the same 

Manual Mode to get the same exposure for each image

Lowest ISO possible and still get good exposure

f/11 or higher to get as much of the scene in focus as possible  

Expose for the brightest part of the scene 

Turn off auto focus

Take vertical  images to get the best quality

Keep the camera level, making sure not to cut off any elements that are high of low

Tripod and cable release is optional, but recommended for low light and images that require a lot of Depth of Field 

Shoot in RAW to get the best results in post process 

Shoot from left to right

Overlap by 30%

Stitch in Lightroom or Microsoft ICE – free software

When Tobacco Was King

One of three murals in Carthage, NC by Scott Nurkin of Chapel Hill.

Click on the Gallery above to see the individual images that where used to make the panorama.